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Designed mostly for small businesses, can help anyone place videos on the Internet with ease.

With our site, you can create a customized web page called a channel that matches your website (or use our default template). Then link to Your - channel page from your website and your visitors will not know the difference. We house all of your videos, and handle all of the bandwidth load for those who have to pay for web hosting based on bandwidth usage.

Visiting the Georgia

Here is a demo of a "channel" page that we have created that will show how the page can be customized.

Click to view demo

Keeping on-line video simple:

Our site has a built-in Video to FLV video converter that accepts most of the major video formats.. You simply upload your video into your accounts, we process and convert it for you, and then it is ready on your channel page. It's that simple!

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Current Features

Free accounts with 5mb of storage

We offer a free account with 5mb of storage space so that you can try out our system and services. This will allow you all of the fuctions on including the channel customization features. You can upgrade your storage space at anytime. The limit on how many videos you can have within your account is based on your storage space and NOT your bandwidth usage or the number of vidoes. See "Pricing" for more information on how to upgrade your account.

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Online Tutorials

We have created several tutorials that will help you in the use of this website. These tutorials cover topics from creating and activating a new account to customizing your video channel.

If you would like to see another tutorial, please request it through out "Contact Us" page.

Extensive FAQ Page

Please review our FAQ page if you have questions about our site.

Batch Submission Process

Instead of you waiting for your video to be processed, we have designed a batch processing system that will convert your video and then notify you when it is ready. This was done so that our server does not get overloaded with too many processes at once. The jobs are processed in the order in which they are received. So, you can upload your videos and go onto your next task. See "How It Works" for more details.

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Account Status and Information

The Account information appears on every screen and will let you know the last time your account was logged in and how much disk space is used.

Account information stapshort -

Channel Hit Counter

Each of your channel pages has a hit counter so you know how many times someone has viewed your channel page.


Advanced Editor Functions

Our Channel Editor has some advanced functions that will allow you to customize your channel page with ease. This include our color picker:

Our Channel Editor Features a color picker to help you choose colors.

and our WYSIWYG editor for your text boxes.

Our channel editor features a WYSIWYG text editor.

Visit our "Tutorials Page" for more information about the editor.

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Accepted Video Inputs

As of the release of this program, we are accepting any video to be uploaded. In fact, if you upload a video that does not work with, we recommend that you use the "Contact Us" screen to send a message telling us what Codec should be installed in order to make your video work. The engine that is used for the converstion to the FLV video is FFMPEG. We have installed some customized Codecs already to make videos from CAMPTASIA, ULEAD, and SMARTSOFTWARE. We are willing to do whatever we can to make this service work for you.

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Client Testimonials

Here is what a few of our clients have said...

Pricing is reasonable for what you are offering

"At first it seemed like your prices were a little high. Then I watched the tutorial and read through your pricing page in more detail and understood that it really was a saving for all that you are offering. I like the fact that I can purchase monthly and then later convert to a yearly plan to save even more money."
- John - Florida

Awesome customer support

"I had no clue about placing video on the Internet and was just Freaking Out when my boss first brought up the subject. was such a great help, they walked me through everything I needed. Im happy, and better yet, my boss is happy!"
- Marsha - Texas

Great Tutorials

The tutorials on your site are just awesome. It felt like someone was sitting with me showing me how everything works. You can tell that you put a lot of time and thought into their creation and I really appreciate your efforts. It made everything really easy to understand.
- George Oregon


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